Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cut Differences Between Women's Clothing and Men's

Men and women have different styles although there are times where it seems like the clothing is very similar. There are some great garments that may have a similar look, but the template for the designed may be tweaked a little for another gender.

When it comes down to the difference between clothes for men and women there are some incredibly discreet details in place. People that look at the end results may not even notice the difference, but there are definitely some different cuts for the opposite sex.

It may all start with the buttons. Men have buttons on the right; women have buttons for shirts on the left. This something that is clear in the design template, but it is rarely noticed in the end result. It would take a man trying on a woman's shirt or vice versa for the difference to come to light.

Another thing that is different is the sleeves. For most men the sleeves on a template are very straightforward. The design will either be long or short. Most of the time the shirts fit snug around the arms. There is room to move, but a man's shirt will hardly ever be loose around the sleeves. Women, on the other hand, will have more shirt styles with a loose look. Many female garments will have wider shirt sleeves regardless of the size of the female.

Men and women also have different clothes in concerns to their pants. It's somewhat ironic, but the bottom of half of most clothing for men and women is the opposite of the top half. Women may have wide sleeves, but most trousers are tight or firm fitting. Men, on the other hand, like to have a little leg room. This puts a stark contrast between trousers for men and women. Take a looks at these Dickies pants for example. It's clear to see the differences between the pants types even for work clothes where fashion is at a low concern. 

This contrast is marked even more by the different length and styles that are available. Females, for example, may have trousers that have slim fit with wide leg room. Others may have a pair of trousers that can be rolled up. A lot of the different styles near the leg area are designed to accommodate females that wear high heels.

The trousers that can be rolled or similar to Capri pants that resemble long shorts. This variation in size is also common with the sleeves for female clothing. Men, unlike women, do not have three quarter length sleeves.